Speakers - Sefik Suzer

Prof. dr. Sefik Suzer is one of the leading scientists in surface science and spectroscopy. He is a Proffessor of Chemistry at Bilkent University. He is a member of Turkish Chemical Society, American Chemical Society, Society of Applied Spectroscopy, American Vacuum Society, Materials Research Society, Society for American Advancement of Science. He has over 173 publications. Prof. dr. Sefik Suzer won Science Award of the Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey. In last ten years he collaborates with Vigo University, Spain – Prof. Luis M. LizMarzan Rutgers University, Prof. Eric Garfunkel Bristol University, Interface Analysis Centre, Prof. Geoffrey C. Allen U. Delaware, Prof. Robert L. Opila Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Dr. Donald R. Baer Princeton University, Prof. Ilhan A. Aksay and Prof. Steven L. Bernasek Hewlett Packard Laboratories, R. Stanley Williams Advanced Light Source, Berkeley, Gabor Somorjai and Zahid Hussain University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign, Angus A. Rockett University of Illinois, Chicago, Prof. Luke Hanley FHI, Berlin, Prof. Dr. Ha. Jo. Freund KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany, Prof. Dr. Ch. Woell. His research areas are Analytical Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Surface Chemistry.