Speakers - Tomislav Mileković

Dr. Milekovic is one of the rising stars of Neuroprosthetics, a field at the intersection between Engineering, Mathematics and Neuroscience. He obtained his PhD from the Imperial Colleague London, worked as a postdoc at the Brown University, is currently a postdoc at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), and will soon become a junior group leader at the University of Geneva. He investigates how neural activity, measured from the surface and within the cortex of primates, encodes movements, movement intentions and movement errors. He uses gained knowledge to develop and advance brain-computer interfaces, systems that allow subjects with paralysis to control external devices, like computers, robotic limbs or spinal cord stimulators, solely by their brain activity. In his recent article published in Nature, he demonstrated that brain-controlled spinal cord stimulation can restore walking of primates with paralyzing spinal cord injury. He is supported by Morton Cure Paralysis Fund and Marie Curie fellowships. He aims to transform the lives of people with paralysis by engineering brain-computer interfaces capable of both stable and complex control of prosthetic devices.